producer, director, author   Nancy E. du Plessis

camera   John T. Davis & Conor Hammond

camera assistant   Angus Mitchell

sound   Deke Thompson & Simon Kerr

editor   Katrin Gebhardt-Seele

commissioning editor   Martin Pieper

music by various local artists


Versions: RTÉ edit: 25:30, without commentary or subtitles

"arte" edit: 27:27 with commentary and subtitles in English

Made with ZDF in cooperation with arte, in association with RTÉ.


IF THESE WALLS COULD SPEAK! was broadcast on arte, the Irish Republic national broadcaster RTÉ, the Finnish Swedish-language channel YLE FST and Free Speech TV (USA).

It was invited to the Irish Reels film festival, Seattle and the Festival International du film d'art, Paris, where it received the prize "Arts de la rue."

I am considering hosting it as VoD. Stay tuned!

My thanks go to:

Michael Kirk-Smith, Frankie Gallagher, Jayne McConkey, Isobel McGuigan, Belly McQuiston, Dianne Rhodes, St Paul's Creative Youth Graffiti Project, Michael Whitla, Jack Conway, Bill Rolston, Neil Jarman, James Dingley, Lizzie Devlin, New Belfast Community Arts Initiative, Lower North Belfast Community Council, Philipp Mangold, NI Film Commission, and Gerry Ward

In memorium: Ellen Theresa Kelly Kolb