Art New York

The first performance called ART NEW YORK was at Manhattan's Foundation for the Vital Arts with painter Jean-Loup Msika and violinist Billy Bang. Later in Paris I needed to share my experience of New York City and recreated it as a solo piece with critical comments and vignettes of people I knew, including the street musician at Broadway and 72nd.

Fleeing Upper West Side yuppification and dismayed by foreigners reacting to news that I lived in Manhattan with $$$ blinking in their eyes, I strung together poems with critical remarks, including a swipe at the (Trumpian) plan to put up a building tall enough "to cast a shadow over Central Park."


I performed on and around a simple wooden bench, with a hand-painted poncho as a prop and a droopy crown that I threw away. To make it as easy as possible for non-English-speakers to follow my walking tour, I created a numbered map with short descriptions to be translated into the lingua franca. My friend and neighbor in Paris, painter Marek Szczesny, made a new version of my map.

The guide in English and German.