For my sustenance and artistic development during my formative years I thank especially my family, Al Austin, and Marlene Kess.

As for the images and recordings on this website, most are so old that I'm no longer in contact with the people who made them; in a few cases I no longer have their names. That said, I gratefully acknowledge the help, and specifically thank:

Irmgard Schmid   black & white closeups

Maria Dorner   GET THE FIRE! Young Mormon Missionaries Abroad   stills

Photo Studio Klaus Kindermann   MEIN HERZ TANZT...   photos

Georgina Bedrosian   I Believe in Love!   photo

Peter Fillingham   Poetry Performance   grainy very close up

Yan Ouzlifi   "QUAND ÇA FAIT MAL"

Jean-Loup Msika  NOTES FROM THE MOROCCAN JOURNALS   photo (cross-legged)

Marina Mecl   photo scanning

Michel Quenneville   l'Institut du Monde Arabe photograph (book cover)

Gunnar Walther    GET FIRE FIRE! trailer


Alexander Friederich helped me develop the website and get it online, Anja Escherich helped with the basic design.

To anyone else who deserves credit here: Please accept my apologies and get in touch!